Breakingviews TV: Tencent time...

Breakingviews TV: Tencent time

The Chinese tech titan's third-quarter earnings rose 30 percent, defying pessimistic expectations as it weathers a regulatory crackdown on video games. Robyn Mak explains to Pete Sweeney what went right.

Breakingviews TV: Dell lap

The PC maker is closer to returning to the public market after raising its offer for subsidiary VMware’s tracking stock. Rob Cyran explains that the 10 percent price boost, much of it in cash, as well as a board seat has already won over one-time skeptics like Elliott.

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Breakingviews TV: Goldman’s fix

The U.S. bank has been dragged into a corruption scandal around Malaysian state fund 1MDB, and the overriding question is whether its internal controls were up to scratch. Gina Chon explains what past cases say about this one, and what punishment might lie in store.

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Breakingviews TV: Amazon HQ2+1

The tech giant has chosen not one new headquarters but two – New York and Arlington, Virginia. That brings more high-paying jobs to wealthy cities with tight labor markets. While Tennessee gets some goodies too, it’s mostly a triumph for the coastal elites, Tom Buerkle explains.

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Breakingviews TV: Coty’s M&A JAB

The perfumier is replacing both its chairman and CEO. That comes, Antony Currie and John Foley explain, after Coty made a mess of buying $12.5 bln of P&G assets despite its board, executives and top shareholder JAB being packed with consumer-goods know-how.

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Breakingviews TV: SoftBank blur

The many moving parts at Masayoshi Son’s telecom titan are becoming harder for investors to see clearly. Richard Beales and Jeffrey Goldfarb discuss the upcoming mega-IPO of SoftBank’s Japanese mobile unit and the dozens of stakes held by the nearly $100 bln Vision Fund.

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Breakingviews TV: Musk’s minder

Robyn Denholm is Tesla’s new chair and effective boss of its errant chief executive. The Telstra CFO is experienced and nominally independent. But she was a Tesla director during some of Elon Musk’s questionable antics. Proving she can stand up to him will be a challenge.

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Breakingviews TV: Midterm lotto

The Democratic capture of the U.S. House suggests party funders like financier Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg got more for their money than GOP backer Sheldon Adelson, says Gina Chon. But after a record $5.2 bln of spending, divided government is a meager return for all.

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Breakingviews TV: Dock the vote

Survey and market research firm Qualtrics is seeking a $4 billion valuation in an initial public offering. The business is growing much faster than rival SurveyMonkey, but as Rob Cyran explains, two classes of supervoting stock mean investors’ views will count for little.

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Breakingviews TV: Ballot bosses

Companies like Walmart and Levi’s are making it easier for employees to vote in U.S. midterm elections on Tuesday. That’s helpful, but perhaps not totally altruistic. Companies blessed with tax cuts may want to show they’re giving something back, as Jen Saba explains.

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